About SignTorch

Hello, my name is Gary DeWitt

SignTorch.com is my exclusive retail outlet for SignTorch Vector Graphics hand drawn CNC Art by me for plasma, router, laser, waterjet, and vinyl cutting and engraving machines.

I started SignTorch Vector Graphics in 2006 on eBay with 4 images for $4.

I launched SignTorch.com in 2007. By 2013, I had over 14,500 original exclusive CNC art designs for sale. In 2019 those became classified and categorized as SignTorch Old School products.

In 2008, I launched ReadyToCut.com to offer Free SignTorch CNC Art, custom CNC art by request, CNC Art tutorials, and SignTorch product usage guidance.

In 2019, I introduced SignTorch New Scool products, featuring technologically advanced ultra ready to cut features such as pre-scaled and kerf tested for CNC plasma cutting with .05" kerf.

I am the sole owner, artist, and developer of SignTorch Vector Graphics products, SignTorch.com and ReadyToCut.com.

I began practicing and studying drafting, design, electronics, computers, and programming in the 1980s. I developed my first computer graphics program in 1983 on a TRS-80 computer. In the early 90's I did advanced AutoCAD programming including parametric part drawing, complex 3D CNC machine code generation, a barcode drawing engine, etc. I was a gifted technical illustrator with pencil, pen and ink, and CAD. In the mid 90s I excelled in interactive graphics internet application programming, and I built a small CNC machine from scratch. I designed and built all the circuit boards and control software, and I machined all the sprockets, gears and parts myself. In 2000 I branched into access automation and control systems. I designed an early digital gate operator control circuit. I designed an early RFID card reader/writer gate and storage access control system.

All of the above was driven by my lifelong love and passion for computers, graphics, and machines, which lead to and resulted in my vector art accomplishments and capabilities.

Just take a look at my facebook photo album(s) featuring custom vector graphics I've drawn since 2020. No one can do more or better than me when it comes to CNC Art.