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10 designs

  • Hand Drawn = Ultra Ready To Cut
  • .05" Kerf Tested = Plasma Friendly
  • DXF & SVG files included

Tomb it may concern - these designs are eerie-sistible - be scareful how you use it - dead serious - mummy and dead-y approved - except when goblin up all your candy.

 dimensions are as drawn for plasma cutting with .05" kerf - can be scaled to any size
(image for) halloween demon 01
demon 01
10.50" x 11.50"
(image for) halloween demon 02
demon 02
7.00" x 10.00"
(image for) halloween demon 03
demon 03
6.75" x 10.50"
(image for) halloween demon 04
demon 04
9.00" x 10.50"
(image for) halloween demon 05
demon 05
8.50" x 10.00"
(image for) halloween demon 06
demon 06
11.50" x 12.00"
(image for) halloween demon 07
demon 07
7.50" x 11.00"
(image for) halloween demon 08
demon 08
8.75" x 10.00"
(image for) halloween demon 09
demon 09
11.75" x 10.00"
(image for) halloween demon 10
demon 10
5.00" x 10.00"

PSA: You must use kerf compensation for most cutting machines except vinyl cutters, line engraving, and printed transfers.

Ultra Ready To Cut

SignTorch New-School

sets the standard

Hover or click image to see .05" kerf fit (green) drawn to scale.

Simple, bold, smooth, clean designs, no very narrow geometry, rounded corners, ideal for cutting.

SVG file works with Cricut, Silhouette Studio, and all known vector graphics software.

DXF has arcs and lines in polylines - gcode equivalent - ideal for CNC - do not use DXF with arcs in standard vector apps with bezier curves - use SVG for that.

Includes .txt file specifying dimensions, area, cut count, node count, path length, center of gravity, etc.

All of the above on each and every new school design - always -

unrivaled - Ultra Ready To Cut - fully qualified CNC art

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