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Metal Art: designed for cnc plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting, not suitable for non-metal cutting platforms.
99 Gun Rack shapes, 74 Hook and Accent shapes, 4 styles w/ interchangeable parts.
Includes Bend and Weld styles.
26 weld free bend style racks for 1 to 4 guns (bending requires special tooling and effort).
27 weld-1 style rack shapes plus 15 interchangeable weld 1 style hooks.
23 weld-2 style racks with 10 interchangeable two-tier hook designs, including horns, limbs, flames, etc...
21 weld-3 style horizontal frames plus 9 hook variations for 1 to 4 gun racks with 1 or 2 horizontals.
20 vertical side accents that match weld-3 horizontals for both 3 and 4 gun racks.

gun rack metal art for cnc plasma cutting

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