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Old School Originals


  • 14,500 Vector Art Designs
  • Includes EVERY SignTorch Old School product *
  • Including 2 NEW unpublished collections

* includes all of the following SignTorch products

 2009 Series
 2010 Series
 2011 Series
 2012 Series
 2013 Series
 Cowboy Prayers
 Dog Breeds
 Super Bundle

NEW - Unpublished
 2014 Series

 Fonts 2, 3, 4, 5
 DXF Stick Font

Metal Art
3D objects primarily for metal
 Wind Spinners
 Gun Racks

 United States

 Some File Sharing Forum Content

- rated R -
- can be excluded - just add note on order
 Cowgirl Up
 Trucker Girl
 Calendar Girl - discontinued but included
 Stripper - discontinued but included
 Fairy - discontinued but included
Includes DXF SVG Previews
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* SignTorch Old School is all products created prior to year 2020
listed above within the Old School Products or Old School USB categories ONLY
excluding all other separate products/categories which are SignTorch New School products