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Comes with two files, each has all the state outlines in them. One is like a puzzle, you can extract one or more state outlines at a time. One is nested, for cutting them all out at once.

state shapes Nested state shapes

The 50 state shapes are all in one file positioned as shown like on a map, like a puzzle, with a small gap between them drawn on a 36"x24" sheet.

That gap between states may be smaller than the kerf width for some cnc cutting systems which precludes being able to cut them all at once as drawn.

In which case there is a 2nd file with all the state shapes nested 1/4" apart on the same size sheet.

Alaska and Hawaii are not one-piece shapes, and have no borders in common with the other states, so they do not physically fit together like a puzzle.

The state shapes have rounded corners and simplified outlines to cut and function better. They only approximately reflect the actual shape of each state.

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