(image for) USB Media

USB Media


Your Past orders on a USB Drive

Replace your Old School Originals USB stick or have your purchases shipped on a USB drive

If you purchased Old School Originals we will assume you want to replace that USB drive.

If you have not purchased Old School Originals we will assume you want your previous orders on USB drive.

If you want different or certain content on USB then you must specify in the order notes which purchased items you want loaded on the USB drive.

Only previously purchased products can be shipped on USB media. If you have no previous purchases, you may not order USB Media, and if you do then your USB Media order will be refunded and cancelled.

Old products not currently available for purchase are not available and must be upgraded or converted to a currently available product. Contact Us for details before purchasing USB Media.

USB drive style and appearance may not exactly match product photo. It will be a similar USB drive.

Order two if you want one for backup. USB drives are like CDs. They are prone to failure for any number of reasons. Heavy use or improper use increases the liklihood of failure. We do not warranty USB drives longer than 10 days after delivery. We recommend making a copy of any USB product for use and store the original in a safe place for if and when the copy fails.