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Metal Art: designed for cnc plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting, not suitable for non-metal cutting platforms.

SignTorch 30" Weathervanes are designed to balance, so they point in a light breeze, with simple single-ball bearing, without requiring perfect vertical plumb mounting.

8 balanced shaft/vane designs, 16 balanced ornament designs, 3 compass styles, 1 snap-together cupola, 2 globes.

Requires welding, and certain multiple common material thicknesses. Has PDF assembly guide with specs and guidelines.

SignTorch balanced weathervanes look as good as they work.

Simple optional interlocking cupola adds decorative charm.

Mounts on 1-1/2 inch square tube mast, interlocking globe holds inner bearing shaft.

3 optional interlocking compass designs slip right over the inner bearing.

16 optional balanced ornament designs for any of 8 balanced shaft designs.

Rudder has over twice the area of the tip, steers better than ordinary flat designs.

Innovative dual material design is balanced so it points accurately, even in light breeze.

weathervane metal art for cnc plasma cutting

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